TreeTops Crazy Rider

Treetop Crazy Rider is the world’s longest rollercoaster zip-line, a thrilling adventure where you soar, swoop, twist and turn through the trees in a beautiful native forest on the Central Coast of NSW, near Sydney.

The Xtreme zip-line is an adrenalin-rushing 1 km long, and a ride you’ll remember for a lifetime. With 40 slaloms and three 360 degree turns and a 540 degree spiral around a tree, it’s designed for thrill-seekers who want the sensation of flying with excitement of twists, turns and dives.  

A shorter rollercoaster zip-line is the Pioneer, an exhilarating 330 metres.

During both rides you are safely strapped into a harness attached to a pulley system. Rides are open to a wide range of ages. No special skills are required. Treetop Crazy Rider is located at the Treetop Adventure Park in the Ourimbah State Forest and is open daily, except Christmas Day.

From Sydney, the drive north to the adventure park is 80 minutes. You can travel by train from Sydney to Wyong Station and change for a six-minute taxi trip to the park.

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