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Vietnamese food in Cabramatta

Join a guided tour to Cabramatta to get the inside story on food here or make the trip yourself. Slurp on a bowl of pho (noodle soup), visit a Chinese herbalist shop and watch as remedies are prepared or sip a freshly-squeezed durian.

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About Cabramatta

Known as Sydney's culinary united nations, Cabramatta delivers an authentic slice of South-East Asian sights, tastes and exotic foods. In the arcades and alleys around Freedom Plaza, the lively hub in the centre of the town, you'll find Vietnamese soup stands, butcher shops selling ‘wind-dried' sausage and Thai herb emporiums.

Shopkeepers are always eager to explain how to use their produce in your cooking, or you can discover the real thing by eating at popular restaurants and cafes. Cabramatta is about 40 minutes by train from the heart of Sydney city. Another way to get the inside story on Vietnamese cuisine is to join Sydney Gourmet Safaris and you'll meet the chefs and go to the best dining spots with expert guides.


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