Leconfield 11 Day Jackaroo and Jillaroo School

Want to learn the skills of cowgirl or cowboy? Australia’s first jillaroo and jackaroo school has taught thousands of people worldwide and provided them with an unforgettable experience on a cattle and sheep station. Jillaroo and jackaroo are Australian for cowgirl and cowboy. Leconfield Jillaroo and Jackaroo school’s exhilarating 11-day training program operates regularly throughout the year with groups of up to 25 people. You’ll learn how to throw a calf, milk a cow, shear a sheep, muster on horseback, crack whips, fence pastures and how Australia’s bushmen use cattle and sheep dogs to control herds. No prior experience is necessary.

Leconfield school has been running since 1983, on the 1,800-hectare family run sheep and cattle station in outback NSW. The school will pick you up between 9am and 10am from Tamworth’s youth hostel in Marius Street. Tamworth is about five hours’ drive from Sydney in northern NSW. You can travel by train from Sydney’s Central Station to Tamworth. Qantas and Virgin Australia fly from Sydney to Tamworth. The flight is about an hour.